be kind

I've recently joined an online writing group. There's a daily theme and today's is kindness. People who normally read my blogs know they are always governance related so it's a bit of a step out of the comfort zone for me to write as me me and not me the governance professional. Be kind to me.

I'm going to start by being provocative. Kindness is an over used word. We toss it about without thinking sometimes and I often feel the be kind to one another thing can be a bit trite or akin to a telling off. Like being put on the naughty step or being told have a good day when you've just bought a packet of mints. We say it without meaning it sometimes.

When people go in for a pile on on twitter or say things in emails or over the phone you can't see the person talking or the mood they are in when writing (I'm thinking key board warrior here). You can't see or feel how the other person reacts to your words either so if you see or read something which makes you want to say be kind stop for a moment and think about why you are saying those words and what other words could you use instead. 

Kindness is a positive and automatic act. It takes no effort to be kind it you mean it. Having had to shed a friend who was initially kind to me and my family but who then took liberties with my time and good nature and made me ill with all the mither they caused then maybe you could say I'm tainted! Would I let the same thing happen again? Probably!!

However, I absolutely believe that kindness makes the world go round, that small acts of kindness which go unremarked on are just as important as those which make the headlines and that finding kindness hiding in unexpected places needs to be celebrated. 

I've had kindness and thoughtfulness shown to me already during this time of pandemic. Someone said we know you're self employed we want to help as we know things are being cancelled. We're not friends this person and I but those few words made such a difference. And that's what kindness does makes a difference.


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