courage is a state of mind

This daily writing challenge wasn't top of my priority list when I woke up today, not because I don't work in a school so didn't need to be there, or at work because I work(ed) from home but because all I wanted to do was hide. This state of mind came as somewhat of a surprise because I'm normally on a really even keel. After sending a few chair of the board emails to  the amazing leaders and exec staff explaining I didn't need a reply but saying "I'm thinking of you, here if you need me, symptom free and not self isolating too much at the moment, you know where I am" type thing I realised I'd not had my daily early morning caffeine fix. This was quite momentus. I'm a coffee addict. I now have a headache as I try to catch up. This small, small thing though made me think what else about my life, and what I take for granted without really thinking, will change, does it matter if it does and what about those with no control over their own lives like our most vulnerable, our young, our elderly, our ill and unwell? I felt suddenly overwhelmed. Not a feeling I'm used to feeling. What what has this to do with courage you may wonder? At the moment very little but if the small acts of kindness we wrote about yesterday are to make a difference there'll be a time when we will all need to screw more than our courage to the sticking place and be courageous for more than ourselves. We cannot all be leaders but we can do the signposting. We will need to have courage to say "no I cannot, dare not meet you" to friends and family, parents, our children, our parents, our colleagues and our dearest friends. 

My YP is on a social media detox today. She says she knows it will depress her so she's protecting herself...I'm not that brave, not today whilst we have a leadership vacuum when we need courageous leadership the most. Thinking charitably they must be overwhelmed too...though quite frankly they were warned but didn't listen. Forgive the rant.

So, just like the lion in the Wizard of Oz, I'm off in search of my well of courageness. I'm hoping you'll all join me on my journey so we can be courageous together. After all courage calls to courage everywhere and my Great Aunt, a real Suffragette,  would never forgive if I wavered too much! 


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