I was working today so started my daily writing challenge blog on friendship later than I'd wanted. I doubt though I can add much to the amazing blogs already written on friendship for this challenge but I concur totally with Ethical Leader and the surprise she felt when online connections turned into real life solid friendships. I'm blessed with mine. 

All I really want to say about Friendship is this;

No (wo)man is an island - physical distance is the right thing to do, Social Distancing is not. Keep in touch and take the opportunity to make new friends. Hashtag friendship.


A hand held up these days is more important than a hand held out. Hashtag friendship.


Send a hug not a bug. Definitely hashtag friendship 

My friends are a lovely, loving and understanding group. All different. All in different parts of the country. I'm not a great one for socialising but a virtual coffee when our virtual friendship elastic twangs is always welcome. Hashtag friendship.

Stay safe. Stay in touch. See you IRL soon.


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