Well, what a word! Honest is as honest does and all that. As a governor I sign a code of conduct (as others working in the public sector do) which requires me to be follow the Nolan Principles; one of these principles is honesty. 
Holders of public office should be truthful.
Should be?! Well it never occurred to me not to be truthful...but ...but...am I? What are my motivations for doing something? Am I as altruistic as I like to think I am ? Am I too honest sometimes? This is different from over sharing I think. Do I not say what I feel because I am not being honest with myself? Is it honest to say I can't do something? I need help? I don't know? Is it too honest to tell the truth about how you feel about what people say to you? Does the power dynamic shift if you do? Over sharing can raise a laugh – like Too Much Information there my friend.  But being honest with ourselves and others can be searing and eviscerating and uncomfortable and empowering and enlightening and life changing.
I hold public office - I can only ever be me
If my candour offends you, unnerves you, confuses or bemuses then I am not going to apologise because quite honestly I am through with apologising. Tell me the truth – I am an adult. If your honesty upsets me whose problem is it?
Honesty is for life not just for today
When I was young honesty (Lunaria annua if you are interested) grew in our garden. We dried it and hung it up in the house. A visible reminder of the word honesty which as an 8 year old I gave very little thought to, more interested in the translucent nature of the dried flower. I think sadly that these days we are losing the visible and the transparent. We see our leaders tie themselves in knots to avoid telling us the truth so we read between the lines and tie ourselves in knots instead as we try to find the truth.

So, let's all be gentle with each other – honestly this is the only way we will get through this. 



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