Resistant Materials Make A Difference

Coming at today's #dailywritingchallenge on resilience from a different angle I started to think about the word resilient as something which is resistant. It was also a bit of a challenge which on reflection is a good thing because if resilience or resistance comes too easy then perhaps we aren't really trying hard enough.

We are currently at the beginning of a totally new national situation - if we aren't all in this together then quite frankly we could be more than a bit, insert word of your choice, stuck. This virus is resistant, persistent and all points in between and unless we all change how we do things and how we think as a whole society then the small changes you and I make will be for nothing. And that makes me angry and sad. I am a fairly resilient sort though prone to the occasional bout of over pondering; looking at some of the other blogs in this series I am not alone in this. Which helps.

 I have no idea what one would do for a GCSE in Resistant Materials so I looked it up (well sort of) and I found some revision guides. Randomly picking a topic I found some interesting words - function, form, sustainability and performance requirements to pick a few. These are good strong words against which we can test our resilience and the resilience of our systems, our processes and our environments. What we need personally to function - food, water, heat, shelter - is fairly basic. Living without the internet would be difficult but we used to manage without - people wrote each other letters. Can't remember the last time I received a nice letter but I sent one last week to my Mother enclosing a packet of paracetamol. She said it was the kind of thing my late father would do. These were two people who lived through WW2. This generation can tell us a lot about resilience..
The key message at the moment from my wise Mother is this -  we have to resist relying on the things we take for granted at the moment and that may not be a bad thing in the end. Might make us all realise that we have too much stuff!

In terms of sustainability judging by the fact that there is no flour or baking powder in my local supermarket I think the country has suddenly decided it needs to live the GBBO rather than sitting on the sofa watching it - let's hope this is sustained this interest in home baking! Somehow I doubt it.

Resilience like a sonic wave will fluctuate in many directions. Take each day as it comes, that way resilience will grow by a weird process of osmosis and with any luck we'll all come out stronger in the end as our resistence to life's little difficulties is put into some kind of perspective.


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