Finding Joy Where You Can

The #dailywritingchallenge continues to throw up some interesting words. Today's theme is joy and the first #earworm (those of you who've read my daily offerings will know by now of my unfortunate ability to link songs and random word associations to the daily theme) was a hymn we used to sing at school very loudly if memory serves. Give me joy in my heart keep me burning...this takes me straight back to the heady days of the early 70's and daily assembly. Hymns, prayers, community. It was a church school and I think my primary school really were the happiest days of my life. Uni was pretty great too but I don't seem to remember it in the same way for some reason; *ahem*. Also fwiw I was bawling my eyes out to Lord of all Hopefulness last Sunday when I heard it on Radio, me neither.

I had a trying week last week like lots of people I know. Personal challenges and bumps in the road, caused by on reflection me taking my eye off the ball and not properly reading the runes that were staring me in the face, mean I'm facing in a new direction. However instead of letting this upset me too much I'm looking forward to A New Something and that's quite an uplifting feeling. Not quite joyfully uplifting but it's early days. Rome wasn't built in a day but the foundation stones are being honed.

As my mind churns all this stuff about I have taken to looking more closely at the life around me. The small joys such as my YP deep cleaning my kitchen (yes, really), family laughter, sitting outside, birds singing, the activity on my bird table, virtual coffee with my best friends (the elastic of friendship tighter than ever because we can't see other), daily conversations with my elderly mother (no, I can't fix your printer from here I'm afraid!). I'm not bouncing round the confines of my house with joy unbounded but I am content. The fact I can't do anything about being confined is freeing in a way though my heart goes out to everyone who is trapped, ill, alone, scared.

Let's all take a moment to share and celebrate what brings each other joy. I take pleasure in your successes whether it's an award, a good day at work or winning a family quiz night on YouTube. And that is not me living vicariously, that is me. My glass may be half empty for me but it's full for you.

So to everyone, of all faiths and none, I'll end with this ...And at the end of the day Lord your joy in our hearts or words to that effect.

Stay strong and remember small joys are the glue of life.


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