Flexible is as flexible does

Or something like that! Today's #dailywritingchallenge is oh heck what's the word I'm looking for...oh, yes.. a challenge. Finding a new perspective on a word I give no thought to beyond the middle aged aches and pains which make me creak and groan, which is related to a lack of physical flexibility (yoga here I come) isn't easy. Here goes,

There once was a wo(man) so bendy (behave in the back row, no giggling, this isn't Y7 biology)
She couldn't quite see where the end be
She knew she had feet
To glimpse them a treat
And so she ....

No, that's not going to work out quite how I wanted. Let's try again shall we...

Florence the Flexible had four hands
She tied them up with rubber bands
She used to wish the school would close
So she could go and just repose. (I imagine many of you know that feeling?)
She knew she'd done all that they'd asked
And met the targets on what was tasked.
There reached a point when Florence cried
She'd tried and tried and tried And Tried.
But it was not to be you see
Because the world was not bendy (this is dreadful, bear with; we might get there in the end)
And daily rules and petty stuff
Just filled her diary up with fluff.
The jargon that the leaders spake
Oh, all of her happiness they did take.
Poor Florence knew things had to change
And knew not where this to arrange
But lo! up popped a daily challenge (what the fraggle ryhmes with challenge, **s!)
To write about things not blacmange (sorry!!)
To write and think about a word 
Gave Floss a new chance to be heard.
She wanted things to change you see
A chance to teach things flexibly
Though not an expert our Flossie knew
That learning was for all not few.
She drew herself up big and tall
And shouted out - did loudly call
To all you detractors everywhere
Young minds are malleable, free
And learning is best when flexibly
Delivered, given, lead and shown
And there for each of us to own.
Florence the Flexible hoped and prayed 
That here amongst the disarrayed
That when tomorrow comes anew
That she'll not be among the few.
That being flexible will be
The only way to learn, you'll see.
And to moral of our tale
Stand together, you'll not fail.
Do not doubt that you are right.
For lots of voices fight the blight
That the government has placed on schools
By their underfunded petty rules.
If the only winner from this mess 
Is that we bend much more, not less. (ok, ok you're losing the plot here friend...losing? Ha ha. Lost it!)
And that will be a result indeed
And Floss will have more minds to feed.
Learning is not 9 till 3
It can be found for free
It's not on paper or in books
It's with sparrows and the rooks,
The clouds, the wind, the daily news
The crafts, the songs, the silly trews
it's in the shape of things to come
It's in the ether and the heart
It's there for society to impart
Let's help Florence in her quest 
To make it better than the rest
Of what was past and is to come
If only there was time for fun!
Florence the Flexible knew you see
That there is no I just you and we.

I'm going for a lie down now. I might need help getting up though!


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