Hope, Faith and Charity

After a short hiatus the daily writing challenge word I'm thinking about today really resonates with me. Having spent the last two weeks not participating in this really exciting and thought provoking blog challenge the word I'm thinking about  - hope - is really prescient. I've also spent the last two weeks thinking about myself and my wellbeing and making new connections and taking decisions which are already bringing me hope and a sense of clarity.

We are undoubtedly at the very beginning of a period of monumental change. The way we work, teach, govern, and lead may very well change forever. Some of us will be invigorated by this change, others will be extremely anxious. Others will take a more academically research focused approach. Some of us will be right in the middle of this change, leading and supporting and being accountable. Others of us are at the edges but still to a greater or lesser extent accountable as well. Some of us will really understand this intuitively and some need some support. So I'm hopeful that there will be a meeting of minds on a greater understanding of the word accountability. I hope I'm not being na├»ve about this one! 
I'm also hopeful about the following things;
That, generally speaking, communities are really closer together and it's not an illusion brought about by trite quotes and self interest.
That together but apart continues to work, as I believe we don't need to live in our communities to feel part of them. Virtual governing has brought this to the fore. How do you think large trusts govern effectively - many, many do - when their trustees aren't rooted in the geographical spaces of the schools? It's because they feel, and are made to feel, part of the community. It gives me hope that we are really beginning to recognise this. Care and compassion have no walls. 
That the centre of gravity has shifted and we have now decisions for our most vulnerable front and centre. It's not always been the case. 
I hope we think more what is the purpose of education? After all it's not just about times tables and adverbials but about the skills and strengths we need to be happy and healthy people. Let's have people as one of our values rather than nice list of adjectives. 
I'm hopeful that we can feel governance more. It's so easy to overlook the importance of governance, indeed it goes far beyond the core functions in my view, and use what we have learned recently to improve the governance experience for our leadership teams.
I'm also hopeful that tomorrow will be better than today but I'm not afraid to admit I'm a little bit scared as well. I hope the fog clears in the crystal ball soon.
I'm grateful for all the support from friends and colleagues as I review my governance life and hope to see you in real life soon. Zoom isn't quite the same somehow!
Charity begins at home and we need to put ourselves first sometimes and I hope it's ok to say that.
And finally have faith in each other, it's not easy sometimes but worth the effort.


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