Woke Up Happy

#dailywritingchallenge... Happiness

Taking a leaf out of the wonderful (yes, you can accept that compliment...take a moment, thank you) @Ethica_Leader I'm going to ask you to finish this sentence in as many ways as you can in ...I don't know...5 minutes. (Now before you go on I do accept that some people have nothing to be happy about at the moment so change the word happy to smile because small smiles matter just as much as big ones).

Woke up happy because...

If you can't manage 5 minutes, try 3 things...


Come on. You can do it.
Tick tock, tick tock.

What have you got on your list? I'll show you mine because I'm being 10% braver. Here goes...

Woke up happy, dog was still asleep so I could snuggle for a few moments more.
Woke up happy because I had only just woken up. A result that. Age related sleep issues. Insomniacs unite. 
Woke up happy because the birds were tweeting really loudly and it was lovely.

These are not life changing things are they? Not like I'm asking for world peace or twits to stop tweeting or anything impossible. I woke up happy and realised my idea of happy is a calm contentment. I greeted my closest friends with a "morning" on social media, had coffee, checked the fam were ok, grunted like a teenager because that works when you're middle aged too. You get the picture.

Next thing I want to do is answer this question. In order to make the grass greener on this side of the road I'm going to do x or y? You can't change what you can't control and you will feel the happiness drain away if you try; though railing against the establishment is a coat many of us find ourselves unexpectedly wearing these days. Let's throw more metaphorical eggs my friends, after all you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. 

I'm going to take some of my own medicine now and try to be more happy in the moment. If we are always pursuing happiness we may miss what is right in front of us. Today I am going to be happy. And I'm going to own it and I'm hiding the plug so no one can drain it away.

Woke up this morning...chose happy. 

I leave you with these words, happiness, happiness, the greatest gift that I possess...if you aren't singing now why ever not! 

You're welcome!


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